Recent Projects

2013 VA Residence
Existing home where study was taken to show how to convert upper roof into a home office.  Roof was made of some short attic storage trusses, mono trusses and hip trusses.   
2013 SC Residence
Existing home where entire roof truss system was examined for possible issues with how the trusses were designed, fabricated, erected and braced.
2012-2013 VA Historic Restoration
Re-design and re-build of old Post Office and Display House.  This site has several other buildings that are in the works of being restored.
2013 VA Residence
Existing home where the first floor wall on the front of the house is going to be replaced with a beam to open up the living space once the porch is closed in.
2013 VA Residence
Existing home where recent home inspection detected issues with several trusses.  Issued report to show how to reinforce damaged trusses.